On-Site Cabin Rentals

Mountain View Bunkhouses:

These communal bunkhouses are perfect for large groups, with each bunkhouse containing 12 single beds and a shared bathroom. Blankets, linens, towels, pillows and toiletries are not provided, so please be sure that everyone staying in these bunkhouses comes equipped with their own bedding and toiletries. Price – $900 for the weekend.

mv_interiors_2 mv_interiors


Camper Cabins:

These cabins are a cozy way to spend the weekend with a smaller group of people. Each cabin has three private rooms with four single beds. These four rooms share a bathroom, and there are separate shower-houses that are shared by several cabins. These cabins are a far cry from the Hilton, but at this low price for four people it is an affordable option that allows attendees to experience on-site privacy, without having to drive back and forth from a hotel. Price $275 for one room with 4 single beds for the weekend.

camper cabin mv_bunks_with_linens

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